Mumbai Airport Parking Charges -[Detailed Guide]

To meet the demand of the passengers for car parking in Mumbai airport, csia built 2 multi-level parking buildings which were available in domestic terminal 1 (previously Santacruz Domestic Airport) and international terminal 2 (Andheri East) with respective csia parking charges shown below.

Terminal 1 domestic airport contains 750 car slots whereas terminal 2 Mumbai airport parking contains 1500 car slots and you can park your bike in both the terminals.

Keep in mind that parking charges in Mumbai airport are different in terminal 1 and 2 because parking csia charges extra rupees in the form of premium parking charges at international terminal 2.

Keep in mind: whenever you are going to drop someone in international terminal T2 in csia, you need to pay airport entry fees and the good thing is there is no entry fees for domestic terminal T1.

Mumbai Airport Parking Charges

Terminal 1: car parking charges in Mumbai domestic airport are a bit low compared to terminal 2 and the parking lot is 3-5 mins walk from arrivals in csia.

It had state of the art security, rooftop for weather protection, automatic parking ticket system and elevator to reach the parking levels.

Car parking charges in Mumbai domestic airport terminal 1

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Car parking charges in terminal 2

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International arrivals and departures are handled through this terminal and in t2 you need to pay premium parking charges for both the car and bike. The parking lot is just 2-5 minutes from the csia arrivals. Parking features are the same as terminal 1.

Bike parking charges in terminal 2 Mumbai airport

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Most of the newly boarding passenger had a doubt that does bikes allowed in the airport, yes the bike is allowed in Mumbai airport. you can avail the same facilities as cars are provided with.

Two wheeler parking is available in both the terminals of Chatrapati Sivaji international airport and bike parking charges in Mumbai airport are as below.

What about Long term parking?

Both the terminals consist of long term, short term and hourly parking. Just simply pay for the days you want to park your car and if the parking time exceeds there is nothing to worry about you can pay extra charges when you are getting out of the parking lot.

In case if you lost parking ticket just contact the Mumbai airport parking authorities, you need to submit valid government ids as ( Driving license, Aadhar Card, Passport etc) proofs and pay the fine around 1000/- to 2000/- rupees.

Valet Parking charges:

For Valet parking you need to pay 250 rupees for every hour, which means if you use for 6 hours you need to pay 1500 rupees. valet parking the counters located near gate 3 & 6, you can avail this service 24/7.

this service only available in the international terminal  which is terminal 2 and your car will be parked in the nearest parking lot b.y verified and secured parking attendants

keep in mind that you had to give your car keys for the valet parking so be careful when you are using this feature.

How to park your cheaply near Mumbai airport (2 methods)

Off-site airport parking:

There are pay and park parking lots near the airport, below are the locations and you may use the app to find the off-site parking around the airport

  1. Check this Mumbai police pay and park website for more of the parking locations near Mumbai airport – Click Here

Hotel parking in Mumbai airport:

Hotel parking is not that famous in India, so you need to approach the hotel management for this facility and check these hotels near Mumbai airport for car parking as well as for the stay.

  1. Hilton Mumbai International Hotel,
  2. The Leela Mumbai Resort Style Business Hotel,
  3. Hyatt Regency Mumbai,
  4. The Lalit Mumbai.

FAQ’S For Mumbai Airport Parking

Does shuttle service available from csia parking to terminals?

No, you need to take care of by yourself.

Does car parking in Mumbai airport is safe?

Mumbai airport is the safest spot to park your because the airport is being watched in cc cameras and guarded 24/7 under paramilitary forces like CRPF.

Recently, the supreme court of India had passed the rule that if a vehicle is stolen in a parking lot then it is solely the responsibility of the owner of the parking.

Can we park our bus in Mumbai airport parking?

Yes, you can your park

Does csia parking have any car wash, air pressure or pollution check facilities?

The answer is simply no, but these services may come soon on public demand

Can I pay with cash or card?

You can pay with both options.

Can I park my car for 10 days in Mumbai airport?

Absolutely you can park your car for  10 days and its called long term parking.


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