Find London City Airport Parking Charges With Detailed Parking Guide.

Finding the perfect car parking at London city airport is not a difficult task. Although you need to be aware of the London city airport parking charges if you want to save money and time on your car parking. So let us dive below for more info.

Being located in the center of the city and adjacent to London financial towers and canary wharf, parking in London is troublesome for cars like scratches, theft and fines.

Whatever the reasons apart if you want a safe and trusted parking then choose on site London city airport parking. Your car will be monitored by airport security 24 hours CCTV monitoring, and your car is parked inside the airport, which will have tight security.

But What parking facilities are there at London City Airport?

There are several types of car parking facilities available at the London city airport parking. If you are new to this airport and want to save money, then read my researched guide on cheap parking at London city airport at the end of the article, you will love it.

1.Pick Up & Drop Off,

 2. Short stay,

 3. long stay,

 4. Meet And Greet (offsite parking),

 5. Bike Parking,

 6. Hotel Parking at London city airport,

 7. Cheap Parking near London city airport,

 8. Street Parking near London City Airport.

How much is London City Airport Parking Charges

How much does it cost to park at London City Airport? For a short stay, car parking charges vary from £3.80 to £50 (under 10 minutes to 24 hours). For a long stay, car parking charges vary between £3.80 to £60. For cheap parking try hotels near London city airport and offsite airport parking facilities.

London city airport parking map

London city airport pickup

London city airport pickup charges

Is there a pick up point at London City Airport?

Being a small airport, confused travellers will raise new questions like “is there a pickup point at London City Airport?”Yes, you can find Pick up and drop off points available separately straight to the airport terminal and beside the main car park. However, pickup at London city airport is chargeable.

London city airport pickup charges are not free. You need to pay £3.80 if you are park your car for the first 0 to 10 minutes and £8.50 if you park for 10 to 20 minutes. If the time exceeds longer than 20 minutes, you need to £5. If problems press the call button at the exit gate, the parking staff will help you.

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Can you drop off at London City Airport?

Yes, you can drop off at London city airport at the designated car parking point. Unlike the pickup charges, you don’t have to pay for any drop-offs. Also, at the drop-off area, you can find bus stops and taxi stops.

London city airport parking drop off

How much is parking at London city airport short stay?

How much is short-stay parking at London city airport? If you park your car under 10 minutes, £3.80 chargeable, £8.50 for 10 – 20 mins, £16.00 for 30 mins – 1hour, £21.00 for 1 – 2hours and £30.00 for 2 – 4hours, £40.00 for 4 – 8hours, £60.00 for 12 – 24hours and £60.00 for every 24hours.

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You can book a short stay at London city airport by going to the London city airport car parking site. Otherwise, you can utilize the private parking site like holidayextras, purpleparking etc.

London city airport short stay car parking charges

After booking the parking, you can find the short stay parking lot between the pickup and long stay parking in London city airport.

If you lost or reference numbers in tickets are lost contact the parking staff they will handle your query as smooth and as fast as possible.

How much is parking at London city airport long stay?

How much is parking at London city airport long stay? If you park your car under 0 to 10 minutes, then you need to pay £ 3.00, £ 7.50 for 10 to 30 minutes, £ 23.00 for 30 to 4 hrs, £ 34.00 for 4 to 8 hours, £ 51.00 for 8 to 24 hours. PrebookPrebook to save up to 60%, and long stay cheaper than the short stay.

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long stay car parking in London city airport is 7 minutes walk to the terminal. This parking lot is located at the edge of the parking lots. The terminal is a 7-minute walk so, there aren’t any shuttles available to reach the terminal.

London city airport long stay parking charges

If you are booking car parking for a longer period, like more than a week, choose a long stay because it is cheaper than a short stay. You can book at official London city airport booking or at holidayextras etc. at any other sites.

How much is parking at bike parking at London city airport? Motorcycles and pushbikes have free parking near London city airport. Bike parking at London city airport is opposite the terminal and the Eurocar & Hertz rental car park.

London city airport bike and pushkbike parking

How much is parking at London city airport meet and greet ( or simply offsite airport parking )

Valet parking, meet and greet and off site car parking all of these services are the same so, don’t get confused. To avail of any of the services, as I mentioned earlier, you need to pre book the parking; until then, you cannot avail of any of these services.

To avail of the meet and greet or valet parking, you need to choose the type of parking or service required at the barrier.

For valet parking, you can choose Butterfly Platinum Porter Service. These services include transferring your luggage to the terminal and parking your car at a short stay or long stay. As you return, they will pick your luggage and return back your car at the terminal.

For meet and greet (offsite parking ), you should choose Butterfly meet and greet and for VIP service, choose Saphire Trio Premium. Business travelers can opt for the butterfly business meet and greet parking option. With the parking, as you return, they will wash your car, which is an added benefit for business travelers.

Keep in mind that meet and greet at London city airport is available through the offline mode only.

Compare The Best Parking At London City Airport

Below, I compared some of the meet and greet, valet parking, and offsite parking services with on-site car parking at London city airport, including the charges.

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How much is Hotel parking at London city airport.

Being late to the airport always includes the risk of missing flights. One of the reason might be traffic jams while your en route to the airport.

There will be several other reasons you might miss your flight. to overcome this issue, staying overnight at a hotel near London city airport is considered safe and comfortable.

Apart from comfort, most clever passengers use a hidden added benefit, which is none other than car parking. You know staying for a night in a hotel and parking your car for a week is the cheapest and best way to save some money.

I think vivid air travel passengers know this trick. However, coming to London city airport hotel with parking available for limited hotels, I will list them one by one below.

Top 10 Best Hotels wit Parking Near London City Airport.

  1. Travelodge London City Airport: self park your car and reach the airport via DLR, Taxi or Bus,
  2. Aloft Hotel: Can avail Butterfly meet and greet with the room,
  3. Hampton By Hilton Hotel: Can avail Butterfly meet and greet with the room,
  4. Crowne Plaza London Docklands: Paid self-parking with shuttle service to the airport for every 20 minutes or can avail butterfly meet and greet,
  5. Doubletree by Hilton: Can avail butterfly meet and greet with room
  6. Novotel London Excel: Free self-parking
  7. London Marriott Hotel Canary Wharf: Self-park your car or avail valet service.
  8. Holiday Inn Express London-Royal Docks, Docklands: Paid parking,
  9. Britania Hotels: Paid parking
  10. Intercontinental: Free parking only for family packages.

How to Find Cheap Parking at London city airport?

If you read all the information I had collected through my intense research, you should know which car parking is the best. If not, I will explain it to you below.

  1. Always prefer a long stay, if you are leaving a car for more than a day. You will save 30% to 60%.
  2. If you are going for long weekends, business trips or holidays, use hotel and parking with butterfly meet and greet. I had listed the 10 best London city airport hotels with parking book those hotels. Among them, crown plaza hotel is the best.
  3. Always pre-book your car parking at London city airport, you will save 60% parking fee.

That’s it mate; I hope you enjoyed my guide on London city airport car parking. If you still have any doubts or queries related to airport or car parking, you may comment down below; I will reply with an answer ASAP.

FAQ’s for London City Airport Parking

Can I park at London City airport?

Yes, you can park at London city airport. Although, charges will incur for car parking. If you are going for a short trip, then park at short stay parking and if you are going for long trips like holidays, choose a long stay. If you feel the price is high for you, you can use meet and greet at the short stay parking lot to park your car at off-site.

Does London City Airport have parking?

Yes, the airport is small, but that does not mean it will not have a parking lot. The London city airport is recognized as an international airport. So, obviously, the airport will all the required buildings and places.

Is London City Airport closed?

The answer is “maybe or may not be” because being in the center of the city community around the airport had to face the disturbance from the airport. To decrease the noise, the London city airport will be closed for the night and opens in the morning.

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