Bangalore Airport Parking Charges-[Detailed Guide]

Finding car parking space in Bangalore is very hard and expensive. But car parking in Bangalore airport is not that much hard to find with exact Bangalore airport parking charges.

In the Bangalore international airport, you can park car, bike and buses in designated parking areas with respective parking charges as mentioned in below guide.

car parking charges at Bangalore airport are expected to pay 100 rupees for the first 2 hours, after that 50 rupees for every additional 2 hours,  500 rupees for one day.

If you are planning for the long term parking in blr airport, you are expected to pay 500 rupees for the first day and 300 rupees for every additional day.

For example, if you want to park your car for one week at Bengaluru airport then you are expected to pay around 500+300+300+300+300+300+300=2300 Rupees.

The sad thing is there is no rooftop for vehicles (for long term parking passengers may face some issues with it)  and car wash, pollution check etc kinds of services are not available in this airport.

Bangalore airport parking charges

There are four parking lots in Bangalore international airport named P1, P2, P3P4, P5 and P6. P1 is used for Bike parking and P2, P3, P4 are used for car parking. P5 is used for the Taxi stands.

showing the parking locations of bangalore airport parking map
Image Credits: Bangalore Airport

Wheel Chair Parking available at P2 for the assistance you can use the help of airport parking attendants and for the electric cars there are charging slots available in P2 and P3, a 20 % discount is available for electric cars parking.

Tip: P1, P2, P4 Parking lots are near to the Departure gates and the P3 Parking lot is near to Arrival Gates 11 to 13.

Car Parking Charges in Bangalore Airport

There are two types of car parking options available in Kempegowda international airport

Budget Car Parking charges [P2 & P4]

This Budget car parking is available in P2 and P4 parking lots.

DurationCharges [INR]
0-2 Hours100
Every Additional 2 Hours50
One Day500
Every Additional Day300
For One Week[7 Days]2300

Premium Car Parking Charges [P3]

It is available in the P3 parking lot which is near to the arrival gate’s 11 to 13 and in front of the Taj hotel.

DurationCharges [INR]
0-1 Hour100
Every Additional Hour50
For One Day1050
For One Week [Long Term]7350

Bike Parking Charges [P1]

Two-wheeler parking is a first parking lot to be seen as you enter into the parking in kempegowda international airport and this parking lot is available just next to the P2 car parking lot.

0-4 Hours20
Every Additional 4 Hours20
One day [24 Hours]120
Every Additional day120
For one Week840

Bus Parking Charges In KIA

KIAL has the facility to park the buses with affordable price, compared to any other international airport bus parking facilities.

Bus CapacityDurationCharges[INR]
For 16 Seats0-2 hours200
16 Seats or Above0-2500

What to do if you lost your Parking ticket?

If You lost your parking ticket, then you need to show official government id or registered vehicle id to the Airport parking Authorities. upon checking id they will release your car, bike or bus with 150 to 500 rupees fine.

Cheap Airport Parking Near Bangalore Airport

You can park cars cheaply and safely near Bangalore airport only in two ways.

OffSite Airport Parking near Bangalore Airport:

There aren’t any off site parking spaces available near Bangalore airport

Hotel Parking Near Bangalore Airport:

You can try in these hotels near Bangalore airport for parking your cars.

  • Taj Hotel ( 5 Star Hotel ), this hotel also provides free pick up and drop from the airport on demand.


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