Find out Aberdeen Airport Parking Charges with Complete Parking Guide.

Are you finding Aberdeen airport parking charges? but unable to find the parking information at Aberdeen airport. you came to the right website, here i provide all the car parking charges information of Aberdeen airport.

below the post, I had written in detail a guide on “how to find cheap parking in and around Aberdeen airport”, so don’t miss that if you want to save your money. 

Fun Fact: Previously, this airport was used by RAF in world war 2, after the war, the government decided to use it for public & private passengers use.  

To meet the demand for car parking at Aberdeen airport, there 4 types of parking spots are available.

Aberdeen Airport Parking Charges

Aberdeen airport parking prices

Apart from the above parking types, there is local business also providing parking spots outside the airport, let’s get into the post to know more details.

Do you know? Priority parking is 70% and Short Stay Parking is 35% are much costlier than the long term car parking at Aberdeen airport.

What are Car Pick Up and Drop Off Charges at Aberdeen airport :  

This facility can be used by anyone who likes to pick up and drop off the passengers or your loved ones, this is located at the entry side of the terminal. you can park your car freely for the first 10 minutes, afterwards, if you stay extra time then you need to pay 3 pounds for 10 minutes, 10 pounds for 30 minutes and 30 pounds for 1 hour.

I think this is the most expensive parking place in the whole airport apart from priority parking. if you want to save few pounds, try parking your vehicle at short stay parking, just opposite the drop-off point, this tip is useful only in case if you are staying for more than an hour.

How much is it to drop off at Aberdeen Airport? or Aberdeen airport pick up charges.

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How much is short stay parking at Aberdeen Airport?

if you are going for a weekend trip or business trip then short stay parking is the best choice, the car parking charges for the short stay starts from 4 pounds for the first 20 minutes, 7 pounds for one hour and keep on increasing 3-4 pounds on your existing stay. overall for a day(24 Hours) they charge 39 pounds.

Aberdeen airport short stay parking charges

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There are several amenities available in short term parking in Aberdeen airport like multi-story parking, you can protect your car or bike or vehicle from harsh weather, 24-hour vehicle support, 24-hour electric charging point and cardless payments.

The main terminal is just 100 meters away from the short term parking lot, you don’t need any shuttle to reach the terminal

Always keep the ticket or booking reference id, you need to show it when you are exiting from the car parking. if you faced any issues, the parking support centre available at the exit point else you may dial support centre number +44(0)345 222 0531.

How to book a car parking at Aberdeen airport:

There are multiple ways to book, first you can book by reaching the official website else third party websites. you can get a discount of up to 60 percent by booking 24 hours earlier.

How much is Long Stay car parking at Aberdeen Airport?

comparing 7 days Aberdeen airport parking charges for all parking space

If you are going on a very long holiday and you gonna be there for at least one or two weeks, then Aberdeen long stay parking is the best choice compared to a short stay. because the long stay park fee at Aberdeen is much lower than the short stay park at Aberdeen airport. so I can call this the budget friendly parking lot.

How much is Long Stay car parking charges at Aberdeen Airport? Being a budget-friendly long stay car parking at Aberdeen airport, the fee starts after 30 minutes of stay, 7 pounds for the first hour, after that 27 pounds for up to 24 Hours, 72 pounds for 3 days, 112 to 120 pounds for one week to 8 days, and per day or part of there after 10 pounds, which mean you will be charged 10 pounds bill daily+8 day bill. let’s say after 9 days you will be charged 130 pounds.

However, After parking your vehicle in long stay park, there will free bus or shuttle available for every 20 minutes vice versa from the terminal. keep in mind, you car will we exposed to harsh weather as there is no covered parking available.

How to book long stay car park in Aberdeen airport?

You can book your parking space by going to the official website or third party website. Official airport website is more trustable compared to off site airports parking website like and Holiday Extras etc.

My recommendation is if you are going for a long trip or business trip then try choosing on site airport parking lot, as airport security continuously monitor the park.

How to get refund for Aberdeen airport parking

If you book your parking ticket on the Aberdeen airport website, just go to the cancel ticket option money will get deducted to you but don’t be late on cancelling the parking spot you may incur late cancellation fees.

Aberdeen airport long term parking rates

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How much is Aberdeen airport Priority parking fee?

To avail top priority facilities for your car parking including security, weather protection and priority security pass in terminal priority parking pass is the best option. here the parking charges may be heavier but the facilities you may get are VIP class.

Compared to other parking facilities like short stay and long stay you dont have to wait at the ticket counter, your car plate will be scanned automatically. all you need to do is just park the car at the designated parking lot and take the keys with you. here the best part is the terminal is just 100 steps away from the parking lot.

But how much is Aberdeen airport priority parking fee? as you park the car the fees start from 5.20 pound for the first 20 minutes, 9.20 Pounds for 1 hour, followed by 15.60 for 90 minutes and 22.10 pounds up to 4 hours, 54.70 pounds for 1 day and the charges increase from each additional day or part thereof thereafter of 50.70 pounds.

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What are the Aberdeen airport hotels with car parking?

who doesn’t like free parking when booking a hotel room! yes, you may get a complimentary parking or discounted parking space after booking a room.

if you are on a quest to save your money, then I would recommend trying these Aberdeen airport hotels with free parking because compared to other parking option like On-site airport parking slots like short stay, long stay, and off-site airport parking like Aberdeen airpark are 10% to 20% costlier and facilities you will get similarly low.

jury in Aberdeen airport hotel car parking price

And also there are several reasons to choose Aberdeen airport hotel park and the fly option like you can relax before the journey, no hurrying situations. plus point is you get free car parking and free shuttle bus service pickup from the airport terminal to the hotel and vice versa, all of them will be included in the room booking with very low charge.

I had written an in-depth guide on saving money while booking the Aberdeen airport parking at the end of the article

After doing proper research and filtering the several tourism and airport website, i found out there are around 8 best hotels near the Aberdeen airport. these airport hotels provide excellent service for you and also for your vehicle.

Basing on my experience below I will compare the Aberdeen airport hotel parking prices, distance from the airport and shuttle or taxi transfer time. so you can filter out your choice of hotel booking perfectly.

How to get cheap car parking at Aberdeen airport?

As i said from the top, basing on my research on Aberdeen airport parking charges. i came to the conclusion that there are 3 options to consider for cheap car parking at Aberdeen airport.

Aberdeen airport hotel with free parking,

Consider booking a room for one day around the airport hotels like Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn, Premier Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Travel Lodge, Leonardo Inn, Jurys Inn. These hotels provide packages for 4 to 8 days maybe more days depending upon the booking. you will save around 10 to 20% compared to all the parking lots like on-site and off-site

Off-Site Aberdeen Airport Parking

Family owned parking lots like Aberdeen airpark, they charge 5 pounds per day but the major concern is due to coronavirus it may or may not be opened. but the Aberdeen airpark has very good reviews from the users who tried their parking.

provides cheap and best car parking locations near Aberdeen airport. You just need to find desired car parking locations around the airport or city. one thing to consider is the availability of transfers to the airport depends on the selected location. but this type of parking service suitable for those who wanted to have flexible parking spots in and around the city to the airport.

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What are the Best Off Site Aberdeen airport parking companies:

There are only few off site car parking spots available near Aberdeen airport. best among is the Aberdeen airpark located 3 miles away from the airport terminal.

Aberdeen airpark lot is famous for its budget friendly car parking. but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this family-owned parking lot may or may not be opened. so it is better to book on site airport parking.

Offshore car parking Aberdeen

This parking is specially occupied for the oil workers going over the seas. they dont need to do any advanced bookings. the offshore workers vehicles allowed to park only in the long stay park.

The process for booking the parking for car is same as the long stay parking. the perks they get is discounted parking, in which 4 pounds for first 10 days afterwards the fee would be increased to 5 pounds per day.

the free shuttle will be provided to reach the terminal and vice versa to the long stay park. to exit the parking lot the parking ticket is compulsory.

Handicap car Parking:

For handicapped users, the Aberdeen airport authority provided several amenities like free car parking for the first 30 minutes at short stay 2 minutes walk to the terminal and also the long stay ( the shuttle bus contains wheelchair accessible entrance), also there are disabled car parking spots available only for registered handicapped license plate holders only.

I hope you like my guide on Aberdeen airport parking charges, if you have any doubts regarding the car parking at Aberdeen airport please comment down below, I will help you resolve your question.

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